Laura and Mitch’s televised wedding

As you probably saw on TV. This was a fun wedding. Mitch and Laura make a very sweet couple as well.
Don’t tell the Bride Weddings are not a forte of mine and after having a crew of 10 strong in the way, while I’m trying to create some stunning professional wedding photos was basically a massive challenge. On top of this stress, Laura and her Dad are wedding photographers! I was waiting the producer to suggest I did it blindfolded…Would make great T.V…

Being a documentarian at heart – which usually goes hand in hand with wedding photography – I had to keep policing my urge to go all Martin Parr, pan out and tell the real story, film crew an’ all. But being a professional with a reputation for high-end wedding photography results, whatever the weather; I had to knuckle down and work around the clutter. To be honest I actually enjoy high pressure jobs, and I’m just moaning like a little baby for the sake of it…However! The next time someone asks me to do a Don’t tell the Bride wedding, they might want to practice their begging skills before hand, and think about making a wedding dress out of an old bed sheet because, if you want my skills, you aren’t going to have any of that 10k left… Seriously though – you aren’t.


One last thing – the dress was a massive hit. Good effort Mitch! Jenny Packham baby.

Thanks for reading that ramble. Call me. Love you. Kirstin

Don’t Tell The Bride



Just been having a quick Google as I shot one of these last week – can only agree with your sentiments – shooting round two film crews really is a proper nosebleed!! Some cracking shots here – especially liking the moody beach shots. Wish I’d had a little more time with my couple now…..

i loveeee her dress i want it soo bad and that photography is amazing !!!!! u rock

Hi admin thank you for finding the name of the wedding dress shop. I will get on to them imediately

Okay – listen up! I’ve done some proper research and the wedding dress was from:

Thanks for your interest and comments.


i like watching this programme !!! Beautiful pictures !!! A great couple !!! my favorites 😀

read the comment above yours.

can you tell me the shop where the dress came from in cornwall and who designed it.

where did you get that fantastic dress

absolutley loved this episode!! im getting married and would love to know where her dress was from or who designed it?

I think it was from a bridal shop in Wadebridge, Cornwall. Pretty sure it was a Jenny £££££££££££ Packham !

I just watched! That kiss on the rocks is just epic!

You are an excellent photographer Mr. Prisk.
Your lightning and shooting style is just on spot in my eyes. Great set.

there are amazing !!!!!!!! I am getting married in 2012 and OMG I wish to have this kind of photos….

I really likeed watching your wedding u both look really nice together .
hope u have a happy futer together xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Love the black and white pics ……and the coloured pic of him holding her up

Awesome photos !!

Just watched the programme and as a fellow tog wanted to see the pics rather than the BBC footage! They are great!! Bet the couple are blown away…