Make-up trial reportage, with a touch of impromptu street fashion.

The launch of id make-up’s product line at the web-shop ‘Everything4hair” took place at the One Eyed Cat,  Truro City’s only bar & brasserie.

After the models had been dulled up by the Make-up Man from London Town, who incidentally, wore a very impressive belt buckle.  I thought it would be a waste not to take advantage of the situation and took to the streets of Truro for a few inpromtu poses. Clothing courtesy of Coco Marie, Truro.

Thanks to all of the passers by for the comments and honks. You guys were all really witty and your advice about the tripod was indispensable… I’ve got an idea, you should all get a digital slr and start a pro photography business on the side… Oh you have. I’ll get my coat.

My fiancée wants those sparkly hair straighteners, and I don’t blame her. Visit>>>>   Everything4hair

Models: Jade, Nina & Lisa.

I also took some photos of the company’s gift boxes.