George May

March 24, 2015

George May Fashion Designer

Autumn/Winter 2013/14

I was asked to photograph George May’s look book. He wanted a high fashion studio polish combined with outdoor location.

Shoot against an overcast flat sky, on a cliff top. Adding studioesque battery powered portable flash lighting. Detailed post production and natural flat blacks to show detail while remaining approachable and somewhere between real and stylised. A tricky balance…

Collection Info

The collection named “All Becomes Pure” is a luxury ski/outerwear collection for Autumn/Winter 2013/14. The garments are designed to be ideal for use on the slopes while being practical in the city. The collection is inspired by a concept of how nature takes away stress; the mood of the collection shifts from restricted, trapped and dark to elegant, light and free. The collection also looks at how ski clothing used to be very restricted and how it has changed through the years; being referenced in the silhouettes and styling of the garments.

The clothes are designed to look modern and stylish without any compromise on technical performance; this is achieved through intricate and innovative pattern cutting that improves functionality and flatters the female body. Natural oil finishes are added to the garments in order to add high performance to the fabrics and help capture the concept of stress to calm.

Mountain Equipment – Ethically sourced down from Downcodex
Biddle Sawyer Silks – Fabric
Finisterre – Merino Wool