Friday 29th October 2010

Jenni started off the day at Granny’s house in St Ives. As soon as she stepped out the house – I’m talking the same second – it rained, hard. After the church ceremony – which was very moving – I cried – he cried – we cried – Bob from Strawberry Leisure drove them to St Ives for some photos. It was hectic, but I loved it. Umbrellas inside out – gale force gusts – torrential rain. I know it’s not the perfect setting, but I can honestly say it was a good laugh, and I personally love the photos – even down to the rain on the lens. This has to be the worst case scenarios weather wise and it really didn’t change a thing as far as good times where concerned – so don’t worry if it rains on you wedding. We’ll still make it happen.

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Hullo Kirstin, I think Jenni and Karen have said it all! You definitely kept everything calm, especially at Betty┬┤s house whilst we were all dressing!

I have been singing your praises here in the Western Algarve (real surf country}, and will never forget the simply superb day and beautiful ceremony.


Wonderful pics guys. You look truly happy. xxxx

Hi Neil and Jenni,

Neil its Karen from Saudi – Hi Jenni haven’t met you in person yet but heard loads and loads about you. Many congratulations to you both and I have looked at your fantastic photos – what a day – I am in complete awe of you Jenni in keeping your warm (even though it was freezing) and wonderful smile all the way through what sounded like awful weather – you are a star and a trooper and there was no doubt your beauty shone through. Neil where was the gent in you – you could have given her your coat!!!!!!!!! XXXXXX

Well Kirstin – you have done it again! If only my boobs hadn’t started escaping as the day went on…… oh well.

Someone said you were like Spiderman; and it is true! Thank you so much for the fabulous photos and keeping things calmer than they would have been; where did the day go? They always say the big day goes by in a flash, luckily you have captured so many amazing moments it does not matter. Truly wonderful.

A beautiful collection of images, superb work.