I blamed poor old South West Colour Labs for loosing this film… Hands up, I’m an ass.

Shot on surf/photo trip a couple years ago to Barbados. I thought this roll of film had been lost. Found it last week in a frantic office tidy… Now writing an apology email to SWCLs.  I don’t mind admitting I’m wrong.

These two tired people are Ben Baird & Russel Winter. A couple of Britain’s best wave riders. We bolted to Barbados to chase a big swell. The portrait shots were taken a few seconds after the dawn patrol alarm went off. As you can tell, their eyes were open (ish) but no-one was home. Two hours later they were both wide awake, getting stand-up barrels, bouncing off the reef and breaking boards. I love the calm before the storm atmosphere of these.

I’m stoked with the bench shot – that horizon is straight out of the Yashica. A camera I can barely see into, let alone hold still and straight. Fluke.

Shot on 120 Portra NC


I had no idea you shot film, and medium format no less.
A real pleasure to view