Couldn’t resist taking a few…I got married on Saturday, to a truly beautiful woman – inside and out. Nina is an accident and emergency nurse. A passionate, and loving individual who likes shiny things, sunbathing and holding hands.  I knew from our first glance that she was the one.

I managed to dry my eyes long enough to capture a couple of photos of my wife looking every bit as stunning as she said she would 🙂

I thought it was just an old saying but it’s true – your wedding day really is the best day of your life. Thanks for looking, from one seriously happy photographer. Kirstin x


Congratulations Kirstin & Mrs. Prisk 🙂

As ever, Awesome photos.

Mr & Mrs Doorish

congrats man… glad you could capture your own view of the day. you have a style sir and it works.

Thanks Mark. Your honeymoon landscapes are absolutely epic!

A photographer like myself who got married recently! Congrats! And really love your work! Cornwall seems like a superb place! A bigger version of Strandhill here on the northwest coast of ireland!

So simple yet soo beautiful! x

Congratulations Kirstin, gorgeous pictures as always! Wishing you both well, hope you had an amazing day

A beautiful lady.
Congratulations to you both x

Congratulations Kirstin!!!!
Needless to say, beautiful photos of a beautiful woman! You lucky man!
She’s a lucky woman too, for you are a sweet, artistic soul with such love for her…its touching!

nina looks stunning, hope you had an amazing day

can’t wait for you to capture our special day


Congratualtions dude!

You wife is stunning. But TAKING A CAM TO YOUR WEDDING DAY?! ARE YOU MAD? My wife would have slice off my nuts man and fed them to goats.

(great job though BTW)

Great looking couple and agai….your wife is beyond beautiful.

Who shot your wedding mate? I mean the official tog?