While you all danced the funky chicken this Saturday evening, I was out in a field testing my new 50mm lens. I bought this primarily for cinematic high def video production, but I think I may use it for photography as well. These are images are among my favourite at the moment.

Model: NIna Eastham


I am thinking about purchasing that lens for AL photography if Sigma offers me to calibrate it to my 5D MK II. I testet 5 different ones. All had a frontfocus of about 25-30 mm wide open at a distance from 0.45-1.0m.

They calibrated 2 with a canon-mount without body. – same FF.

I thought it is a great lens, if they can handle it (there are some very happy people out there – somewhere ;-)). But I heard first time about that green halo around overexposed areas, Kirstin. Thank you for this information.
Could you send me a picture showing that effect?


love #4….because you broke the “rule”, by centering the subject. kool.

I never react to any picture on any site, but #4 is great!


Wow, the bokeh really is as wonderful as users of this lens state. Great testing area too, really shows how good the bokeh rendition is.

Have you had issues with the Auto Focus? It the main thing that scares me about this lens (and I’m sure many other people).

Like the DOF and the processing, but a well dressed woman in a field shows little imagination…

DOF effect is great in the last shot. I like the second to last, too.

bang – that last shot hit the mark,

nice photograph
I like the light, angles focus.
the image of being in the center works because of the angles which come from the corners.

Nice places, I was thinking for very long time to take picture outside on a place like this.

Hi Kirstin,

I like the #4 image the most.

Good use of the figure in the frame and a nice touch as she touches the grain.

(a little alliteration all)

Hi thanks for the comment. I have had big issues with this lens. I sent the copy that took these shots back to warehouseexpress.com who replaced it for a version that has a higher percentage of in focus shots. They said they are having loads of them returned and they are having problems with Sigma owning up – they seem to blame the user and the F1.4 technique… Still, I think it’s worth a risk if you buy from a reputable supplier. When it works – it shines. Saying that – the green halo around most over exposed areas is worse than anything I have ever seen. Still, with a Bokeh like that I let it off… 🙂

yeah I wasn’t out to reinvent the wheel, like the blurb says, I was testing a lens. I would have entered a semi inflated hotair balloon as it lay on it’s side and had the model put fags out on her arm, but I’m not a student. I’ll pass the compliment on to my girlfriend. she didn’t realise she was going to be asked to jump out the car and model. Neither did I, but that field was to much to resist…