Nicholas & Shirin’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot

October 4, 2012

Pre Wedding | Engagement Photoshoot Cornwall

[zilla_one_third] Shirin & Nicholas flew all the way from Singapore to Cornwall to work with me to capture some emotive and romantic portraiture that incorporated the epic landscapes of Cornwall. In light of their native concrete jungle, Shirin & Nicholas selected me as their pre wedding photographer as my style tends to inherently incorporate the beautiful landscapes of Cornwall. They knew the area fairly well and we mapped out a circular route which included many of my favourite locations and an awful lot of trespassing. Which was fun![/zilla_one_third] [zilla_one_third] I learnt a lot about Singapore on this shoot. Mainly by asking some very dumb questions despite having visited there on my honeymoon. It’s tradition in Singapore to take pre wedding photos before  as the wedding often doesn’t have time for the creative shots. Singapore is a country that is just a city. Joined to a very jealous Malaysia. Unless you are fond of cityscapes your options for photography are limited to the same small patch of grass that every wedding photographer uses… Luckily Cornwall is quite the opposite and I was humbled that they flew over here for what I sometimes take for granted. Thanks for looking. Kirstin [/zilla_one_third]














































During this pre wedding photography session we shot at these locations around Cornwall: Kynance Cove, Lizard Point, Landsend, Porthleven, The Minnack Theatre, Jubilee Swimming Pool Penzance, and Godrevy Beach.


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Beautiful photos, great scenery. Love your work!

fantastic photos! great use of amazing locations!