Dan Dan DAAAA!
I humbly bring to you the client testimonial page, that you haven’t been looking for…

Hello. I’ve badgered a few clients into talking about me. As I have complete control over what goes on my website, I wouldn’t expect anyone with even a smidgen of cynic in them to value any of this. So, what’s the point? That’s what I always think too. Then I realised maybe you can take some of the facts that I have no control over as testament to my calibre (yes, I wrote calibre on my own website…). Such as, my clients profession. All most all of these lovely people whom I have come to regard as my friends are themselves involved in highly creative industries. In other words, they have high standards of visual literacy. If you’ve never worked with a photographer before, or aren’t 100% confident what to look for, what’s good, what isn’t. Fear not.
I really have got this.



  • Tom Kay / Director at Finisterre & Philippa Barton / Creative Director at Philly & Rose
  • Our wedding photography brief to Kirstin was pretty simple, do what you do. He did. We are happy. The end.