29th May 2010

Wiggy (Sam) is a good friend of mine. Unfortunately he moved to London, where he now works in film production. On a brighter note he’s shooting a film in Cornwall soon, and I’m going to help out. Excited.

Their Wedding took place in a Marquee at the old SAS Ball ground in St Agnes, Cornwall.

I wasn’t asked to shoot this one, but couldn’t resist bringing my camera.  Was nice to just shoot from the hip. Even brought the old Yashica 6×6 out for a play.

My Fiancée was at the opening parties in Ibiza, probably thinking she was having a better time than me… Unlikely Ibiza had a Rasta playing ‘Solid as a Rock’ on vinyl though.

I even lurked around the dance floor shooting video – and look what I found:


Mairi, JK, and their new puppy, Ace!

Love love x

Doctor Daniel Stirling I presume?

Chops dancing. That’s Chops. Dancing.

Thirsty for more???

Here you are > Gallery Link


I would have liked to refer to my fiancé as my finance, but if anything its the other way round.

Great photos and it looks like an amazing wedding.

Don’t know what you’re talking about…. 🙂

Great photos of a great day !! Thanks for helping us see what we regretably missed.

Not as fabulous as your dancing! I was more than impressed.

Fabulous! (From the mother of the bride)

These are truly lovely Kirstin. x