1st May 2010. Totnes and Sharpham House, Devon, England.

Sarah is an Australian, Wayne is South African. They both work in London and organised their wedding photography over the phone.

To summarise this wedding I would have to include the words True and Love about a 1000 times. To save me the typing, I took 500 photos>>>

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Opening this collection with a moment in time that will stay with me forever. Sarah’s Dad being allowed in the room to see his daughter for the first time. Tears of joy all-round. Just about managed to frame his embrace with Sarah’s mum in the mirror, while concentrating on Sarah’s reaction. I love my job.

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Brilliant photos Kirstin, just brilliant ! Everybody has commented so – well done indeed. We’ll be buying some soon so don’t throw them away! Thank you so much for all your considerable talents

Best wishes

Charles Hancock
Proud Father