Wanna see what 4hrs, one green model, one makeup artist, 11 bikinis, a nice day on the beach, me, my camera, a couple portable flash lights, and abso–lutely zero planning can yield?

I bet you do.

This issue of Sufgirl is on the shelves now. Worth mentioning That the 12 page feature is printed on a nice uncoated paper stock.

Makeup: Suzi Winter

Model: Kristie


Lovely control and understanding of light dude. Nice post work too…..

Great Work!!! really like how all the pictures are unique or different in the same theme.
p.s. Surfer girls in bikinis is always a nice theme to pick :p

Hi Kirstin!

I LOVE these shots!! And it would be great if you could tell us a bit about the post processing? Not a detailed walkthrough, but perhaps just some hints?

civix wrote:
I love these shots, but noticed that a few have cut limbs. So what is the guidance on cutting off limbs?

If the subject is wearing a bikini or less you can cut off the limbs and no one will notice…… 😉

Love the lighting in some of these images.

Thanks for sharing.


I love these shots, but noticed that a few have cut limbs. So what is the guidance on cutting off limbs?

Super NIce Job…She is GOOD looking.

You have a great set here. Actually, you have an excellent set here. My only suggestions for improvement are:

#2 don’t cut off the lower part of the bikini — seems counter to what a clothing shoot should do. The ironic thing is this would be the best shot of the lot otherwise. I like this picture but find the crop distracting.

#3 Cutting off her right arm breaks the form of her body and becomes distracting. It gives the photo a feeling of being too off-center.

I agree with all that has been said, this is a beautiful set, I love the varied locations and outfits.

Hi Kirstin,

I remember seeing your interesting and unique animation on your website about 2 years ago. (for those who have NOT yet seen that, they should watch it)


I generally don’t find bikini beach babe photos very interesting as most look the same and have very little creative effort in them.

These are different!

OK…this is very unusual for me to use the following words in a thread, and each word is used with great care and full meaning:







BEAUTIFUL! (both the model and the photos)


This is such a nice set of swimwear photos by someone other than SI shooters. It is perhaps the BEST swimwear set I can remember seeing on this forum.

The MODEL is just perfect. I don’t say that lightly. Something about her “fresh” look goes so well for the suits and the poses. I think she deserves more than just a “thank you” and a set of prints (though these prints are worth gold to a model because the images are THAT good!).

I like the action and the poses too. Excellent job on those. In fact, those showing the movement of the model look very natural.

And I like the lighting on the face. Nice variety and many seem very natural.

My highest compliments on this OUTSTANDING set of images!

They show so much potential and they look “fun.” (a good impression)

Here is more:

I would hire you if I were a model.

I would hire you if I were a ad agency.

I would hire you if I were a garment mfc agent or beach promoter etc.


I like the bug and the use of props and the use of garment accessories too. Good styling!


What would I prefer?

I think the best are those taken outside, because those seem so “beachy” while the indoor ones (with board) looks….good for pose, not so good for background.

My favourite from the set?
Too hard to choose. One of my favourites is the beach ball (looks vintage in pose, expression, action, colour). And the bug…and the captains hat image…and…

Are there things that could be improved?

Yes. But, the minor things (fingers, etc.) are outweighed by the overall impression of the images.


I hope these comments help you.


2, 6, & 10: Wow!!!

4 with the pink bikini and shadows is beautiful. All of them are great but I love that one.

Also, great perspective on the beach ball shot.

These are *fantastic* (especially the one with the sailor hat / 2 surfers)…could be a magazine cover IMO


Love your use of natural light and your post processing really takes these photos to another level. Cheers on an amazing series!

The one with the shadows rocks it for me

Really fantastic work! 2&3 are my favorites, however sailor, beach ball and bug are close behind. Fabulous work, I am sure you will many job offers for more of this!

Really nice work on this series. Effective use of outdoor lighting that adds pop without being ham-handed. Kudos!