Shot in Barbados during March this year. You can see it in print in this months issue of surfgirl – Issue 22.

Model: Nina Eastham

Client: surfgirl magazine

Brief: 10 page fashion editorial featuring top surf brands. Keep it surfy.

Location: Zeds Surfing Adventures, Barbados

I was lucky enough to have a very capable model, who despite being a girly girl, didn’t mind having a go at surfing. Being a surfer myself (so cool),  I knew what a long shot getting a complete novice to paddle in to, stand-up on, and line up with the camera was. Nina owned the whole series, as you can see. My favorite is the timeless pose, with the hairband and the Billabong bikini second from the end. Let me know you thoughts on which one works for you – use the comments box below. Thanks for looking x

Special thanks to Zed for his hospitality and getting Nina to stand up and surf so quickly. Defiantly the best surf school on the planet, and I aren’t just saying that.


Excellent in every aspect..Bruce

Great stuff man, I’d be so satisfied with these pictures. I find that all of them give a certain feeling. You nailed it man!

I agree with jfinite about the flash, wonderful!



Beautiful shots. Ron

These are Fantastic! Crop the first on down below the power lines. I think the weakest is the one that is desaturated and she is holding the pink wrap over her head.

Thanks for sharing and take care,

I really envy the amount of diversity that you have in this series. I scrolled very slowly, only showing one picture at a time and then imagining what I would have done with the situation. After about 3-4 pictures I was out of ideas, but YOU were able to keep going…and posting 12 insightful, well developed images.

Great Job!!! on the entire series and way to go on diversifying your style!

Awesome, great series.

Nice job balancing the flash!

I think you sold me on this series. 9 really stands out to me as something strong in your desire with this work. I also enjoy her looking through the surfboards in the picture above. Overall really strong stuff and I really feel the surf desire.