I’m a follower of this excellent style blog: http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/ Which gave me the idea to document the people in my local towns, Camborne, Redruth and Pool (CRAP for short). I intend on shooting the locals in the style of the Sartorialist over the coming month, which will then be bound into a fine art coffee table book available for online orders.

Here’s a shot I took today, in Redruth, in preparation for the forth coming onslaught of eye opening documentary/fashion photography. The aesthetics of the photography will rely on natural light and depth of field. Using a full frame sensors and 100mm primes. Exposure compensation will be of particular use, as you can see in this shot (taken on a much overrated Canon G10) shooting into the sun and exposing for the face aided me to turn a snap shot into a nice little image which works despite the awkward bin and lamppost. I’m really excited about this self commissioned brief. The book should be fun to shoot and full to the brim with character!