Una & Glen

December 31, 2015

Rose in Vale Country House Hotel, Mithian, Cornwall

Una & Glen, elope…

16th December 2015

Eloping to Cornwall mid winter – Romance level 10.

Glen’s a wedding photographer, & Una works for Toni & Guy, their dog is called Billy. He wasn’t allowed to come on the photoshoot. He knew it too, with those eyes he kept giving me (see the black and white photo below).

Una’s zest for fun, and total disregard for Cornish weather was a sight for sore eyes. She reminded me of my 3 year old. As soon as she hit the beach, or any open space in fact, she was off. Running, laughing and generally being all free and happy. It was contagious!
The day featured some quality memorable moments. One that stands out was the curiously selfless case of the pasties. During a visit a few months prior to their wedding, Una and Glen got talking to a local couple in a pub. They mentioned they were coming down to get married, and that they had arranged to ride some horses on Perranporth beach. The couple said “oh what time? We will make you some pasties”. 13:30 on the dot, we arrived in the car park at Perran. Greeted by 7 (possibly 8) homemade Cornish pasties, fresh out of the oven. Made me SO proud to be Cornish. Obviously I’ve included some photographic evidence below.

Special thanks to Kristina, my lighting assistant for the day. A talented, hard-working girl, of quite some resolve. She took a heavy hit for the team, tearing her knee ligament whilst trying to catch Una’s Veil (blew off her head on a cliff top). She spent an afternoon sitting in my car covered in mud with a swollen knee and a tray of pasties on her lap… Check her work out here: http://cargocollective.com/krissimphotography

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STUNNING! I am in love with this set of images! Must have been an awesome day! their dog! – Unconventional for the win! <3 🙂

Wow, what a fantastic shoot! This looks superb, great photos!